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Tank Cleaning

We specialize in water tank cleaning with equipment with ability to spray the tank at high pressure and also suck the residual water during the cleaning process.

Dirty Tanks can be the main cause for Germs Build up and presence of moisture, warm temperature and away from lights gives them best condition to breed. Most of our Food is cooked in direct Tap Water and uncleaned Tank Water does Taste Foul, eventually making your Food Taste Foul and unfit for consumption.

We offer best service for tank cleaning. Let’s have a look at how we clean your tanks. To get your tank cleaned contact us today.

Boiler Cleaning

We use latest technologies in boiler cleaning like soot blowers, water cannons, water spraying systems, rapping systems and shot cleaning systems. These various systems maintain the efficiency, increase the continuous operating time of the boiler plants considerably and reduce the manual cleaning effort to a minimum.

Heating surfaces cleaned professionally will increase the boiler running time and optimize its efficiency considerably. A comprehensive cleaning concept solves the problem of the temperature rise in the convection part also for the blank paths.

Water Dispenser Cleaning

Some people never think about how dirty a water cooler can be, but it can be filthy. It can be so dirty, that it can be harmful to your health. A water dispenser or water cooler needs to be sanitized and cleaned occasionally. Remember, microbes love moisture so a water cooler can have plenty.

In order to enjoy the crisp and clean taste of our bottled water, your water cooler needs to be cleaned and maintained. You should always make sure to regularly have your water cooler cleaned, to prevent bacteria buildup.

Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

We provide customers with a grease-free and fire-safe kitchen hood and vent cleaning.

We begin with an assessment of your exhaust system, cooking methods, and amount of use. This can be completed in-person or over the phone; whichever is most convenient for each customer. From this initial assessment, we work with you to develop the best cleaning methods and a schedule for regular hood cleaning maintenance.

Gas Installation and repair

Gas can be very volatile and requires a professional to take care of the installation or repair.

Whether you smell gas in your home or business and the lines will require repair, or you want to change some of your services to be gas powered for your home or business, our services at can help you solve your problem.

Give us a call and we can help you repair or install your gas service the right and safe way.

Customized Cleaning

We also offer custom services to corporate/office, commercial/retail and warehouse facilities as per their need. The services like contract Cleaning (including nightly trash pick-up, dusting, carpet vacuuming, floor sweeping and washing, restroom cleaning, pantry, lunch and break room cleaning, refrigerator and microwave cleaning).

Others are Janitorial services, Carpet care, Floor care, Window treatment, Post construction clean-up.

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